Featuring the Sasha Riess Method

Fluffology Is a brand new, totally comprehensive concept, revolutionizing the pet care industry.

Our vision:

To foster the health and happiness of all dogs and their families by delivering absolute care in three critical categories: nutrition, behavior and grooming.

We are fully committed to the essential nature of dogs and their inherit needs, from the food we feed them to the toys we select for them. Everything is centered on the pure essence of The Dog.

Our three pillars of expertise focus on behavior, nutrition, and grooming, resulting in a well-balanced dog that is able to thrive and live a long prosperous life.

What’s the story behind Sasha Riess Fluffology?


Love of dogs.  Lack of options.  Creating a more compatible relationship between pet and parent.

Kimberly Weiner struggled to find a superior level of care for dogs for over 20 years.  They would come back from the groomers and something was off.  Bathing and cut techniques were antiquated and sometimes her dogs would even come back injured or stressed from the process.  Mental well-being and fresh food nutrition were unheard of.  Why couldn’t they get the same care she sought for herself?

So Kimberly searched.  More importantly, she researched.  What she found were ideas and principles at an early stage with few practitioners. 

That is… until like minds and hearts found each other… Kimberly’s search lead to the unique, challenging, even mind bending techniques, methods and absolute total care offered by Sasha Reiss.  It was an epiphany.  Somewhere she felt safe reaching out for grooming, advice and care for their four legged family members. 

That meeting and those methods have lead to this revolutionary styling, nutritional and mental health care methodology that is Sasha Riess Fluffology

Who is Sasha Riess?

Born in 1974 in Serbia, Alexander Sasha Riess has pursued his dream to become a master groomer, master show dog handler, and teacher of the art of dog grooming and styling since 1990. In a short time, Sasha has achieved all that and much more.

He attended the Grooming Academy in Budapest, Hungary. Within two years after graduation, Sasha was invited to become one of the youngest instructors in the history of the prestigious school. He continued to pursue his education and hone his abilities in master classes throughout Europe. Later, in 1994 Sasha added show dog handling to his resume; eventually showing over 30 breeds world wide, resulting in over 530 certified champions. In 1997, Sasha went on to open the first dog grooming salon in Serbia – The Alexander Riess Pet Grooming and Styling Studio. This studio quickly expanded into the Alexander Riess Show Dog Care Company. The new company specializing in the grooming, boarding and handling of show dogs. Learn more here.